Parents please do not drop students off before 7:45 AM. There is no supervision and it is not safe for students to stand outside the doors unsupervised.

There is no parking or drop off in the front circle. The school buses must be able to get in and out quickly to pick up students at the other schools.

Please walk on the sidewalks during arrival and dismissal. Walking in between buses is unsafe. The bus drivers have a very limited view from the bus. We also want to model safe behavior for our students.


    Picture of Natalie Malone
    New Greenvale School Hours for 2018-2019
    by Natalie Malone - Thursday, March 29, 2018, 1:14 PM

    Starting September 2018, Greenvale's hours will change.  Students will begin to arrive at 8:15, with the instructional day beginning at 8:23.  School will end at  2:50 PM.

    For details of start and ending times at the other schools, please see the document below.