Student & Parent Handbook

Special Areas Curriculum


The elementary art education program follows the “Adventures in Art” program. The program deals with the elements of art such as line, shape, form, texture and color. Each element builds on the next. For example, lines form shapes, shapes form objects which may have color and texture. Grades 2 and 3 are introduced to famous artists on a very basic level dealing with a particular project. 4th and 5th grades projects are geared toward the fine arts using various materials such as scratch-board, water colors, sand, and paris craft.

Children on all levels are encouraged to be creative with projects, using their imagination to take projects further than the examples given.

Grades 2 – 5 meet once a week for 45 minutes. Children are asked to wear either old clothes on the day they have art, although smocks are available in the art room.

Library and Technology

All students attend a library or technology class once a week. Students attend library classes for 2 quarters and technology classes for 2 quarters.

Library Media Center

During this 45 minute period, students learn how to use the library effectively to locate information and literary resources. They also learn about various authors and types of literature, and have the opportunity to borrow books.

Each student may borrow two books a week, unless they have overdue books. All books that are checked out are due to be returned the next week during library class. Books may be renewed if they are not in demand. No additional books may be borrowed until books are returned. If a book is lost or damaged, the student who borrowed it is expected to pay the replacement cost. All library books must be returned in June. Students with outstanding books will NOT receive their final report card unless books are returned or paid for.

  • Book Fairs: There are, usually, two book fairs during the school year, jointly run by the PTA and the library media specialist – a fall fundraiser and a spring half-price fair to promote summer reading. In the fall, PTA sponsors an evening book fair session. Each class attends at a scheduled time. Parents are welcome to attend. Volunteer help is needed and deeply appreciated.
  • Read Aloud: Guest authors visit our school to share their work, experiences, and life as a published children’s author, PTA sponsored.
  • Technology concentrates on preparing children to live in a world where they are surrounded by technology.
  • Three common threads exist across the grade levels; Internet Safety, Touch Typing using Mavis Beacon, and integrated projects using Microsoft Office and other applications.
  • Each grade level receives lessons in internet safety based on their age. Second graders start off learning to avoid advertisements and pop-ups and fifth graders discuss the perils of Facebook and cyber-bullying.
  • We start learning our keys in the second half of second grade. Each year we use Mavis Beacon and a variety of websites to practice and improve our skills but more time is spent on typing in the lower grades than the upper. The idea is that fourth and fifth graders should be practicing and improving their skills in their everyday work.
  • Technology projects are created so that they teach technology skills while enriching a curricular area. Grade levels use different programs such as Word, Power Point and Publisher and use internet search engine to gather information. Skills are built upon year after year in order to prepare the children for the rigors of Middle School.
  • Mr. Rich maintains a technology website that can be access through It features math skill practice, typing practice, brain exercises, math drill print outs and seasonal websites.


The music program at Greenvale offers general music classes to all students. Grades 2 – 5 receive 45 minutes of general music per week. The Grade 3 program includes recorder instruction.

In addition to general music, a pull-out program is available for grades 4 – 5 to those students who have expressed an interest in playing a string/band instrument.

In grades four and five, through voluntary participation, students are able to perform in band. Band, like strings, is a pull-out program. Instruments need to be rented (by parents) and instruction is given weekly. Instrumental ensemble rehearsals are conducted twice a week during recess.

Chorus is incorporated in the grade four and five curriculum. The elements of concert choral selections will be taught during fourth and fifth grade general music class. Chorus rehearsals are conducted once a week during recess.

Additionally students who participate in chorus have the opportunity to perform in the evening winter and spring concerts. Students who do not attend regular practice sessions and/or do not behave appropriately at these practices are subject to dismissal from these programs.

Two annual concerts are scheduled for students who participate in our band, strings and chorus programs.

Physical Education

Physical Education is a sequential educational program that helps students:

  1. understand, develop, and maintain physical fitness levels throughout life, to establish healthy lifestyles, through various venues
  2. understand and improve motor skills
  3. understand the connection between muscles, bones and movement
  4. understand the importance of team work and sportsmanship
  5. apply their skills, knowledge and concepts to game activities

The programs provide for both individual and group activities that are beneficial to the growth and development of all students.

At Greenvale, all grades meet for Physical Education twice a week for 45 minutes each period. Every student MUST wear sneakers with laces or velcro. NO slip-ons – they slip off! A student will not be permitted to take their Physical Education class without sneakers. Thick-soled, “fashion” sneakers are NOT permitted.

Every student must be dressed in proper fitting attire appropriate for Physical Education such as sweatpants, warm-up suits, stretch pants or shorts (not short-shorts). Excessively baggy or long pants dragging on the floor, and shirts that are too short to remain tucked into pants during vigorous exercise, are inappropriate for Physical Education class. A student will not be permitted to participate in Physical Education if the above-mentioned conditions exist.

If the student is unable to participate in Physical Education class three times due to inappropriate attire, parents will be notified. In grades 2-5, a practice test of the NY State Health-Related Physical Fitness test is given, to assess student growth.

Students who need to be excused from Physical Education class for any reason MUST GIVE a note signed by their parents to the Physical Education teacher, stating the reason and duration of time needed. A doctor’s note is necessary for any student needing to be excused for more than one (1) week.