Student & Parent Handbook

Building Safety & Security Procedures

MAIN OFFICE HOURS ARE 7:30 am – 3:30 pm.

All parents, guardians, visitors, etc to the school MUST sign in – sign out at the main reception desk in the main hallway. NO ONE is to proceed past the office without signing in for any reason. All parents, guardians, visitors, etc will be issued a VISITOR’S PASS to wear while in the building.

Parents, guardians and visitors will ONLY be permitted to a classroom by appointment ONLY. They MUST have a scheduled appointment with the teacher or staff member. Teachers will be informing the front desk of all their expected visitors and guests in advance of any meeting, event, etc. Parents and visitors MUST use the main door to exit the building in order to sign out before leaving.

Parents who are dropping off forgotten items (such as eyeglasses, lunch, etc.), birthday items, or any other student item, are NOT permitted to deliver them to the classrooms. These items will be dropped off at the main front desk and students will be called to come and get them.

Teachers who have appointments with parents before or after main office hours will meet the parent at the main door and will escort them to the nearest exit upon completion of the meeting.

ALL DOORS to the buildings are locked at ALL TIMES. During recess, a monitor will be stationed inside the door to allow students in and out for use of bathroom, drinks of water, and visits to the nurse.

Parents and students are NOT permitted to return to the building after dismissal for forgotten books or assignments.

Please Note: The office closes at 3:30pm, so no one will be there to answer the door or telephone.

Bus Regulations and Safety

Any and all students living ½ mile or more from the school are eligible for bus transportation to and from school.

Students are required to follow the bus safety rules:

  1. Obey the instructions of the bus driver.
  2. Remember that the bus drivers are in control on the bus.
  3. Line up quietly before entering the bus.
  4. Wait at bus stops in a safe and orderly manner.
  5. No shoving, pushing or fighting will be tolerated.
  6. Make sure the little ones get on the bus first and sit up front.
  7. Go directly to your seat and remain seated until you reach your stop.
  8. Do not save seats or change them.
  9. Keep your hands, arms and head inside the bus.
  10. Avoid any “horse-play” or the throwing of objects inside or outside the bus.
  11. Depart only at your assigned stop.

Parents - please be reminded that students may NOT change their bus route to accommodate a play date. The only bus changes that will be approved are for emergency situations only. School buses are not to be used to transport children for play dates - please understand that adding students to any school bus takes up a seat that may be designated for a student who is assigned to that bus for his/her regular bus route.

A pupil not following regulations shall be reported by the bus driver, transportation aide or bus duty teacher to the homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher and/or principal, if the offense is of a serious nature, will review the rules, warn the child and administer appropriate discipline.

A pupil reported for the second time will be seen by the bus duty teacher and reported to the principal. The riding privilege may be suspended for a period of time and the parents will be informed either by telephone or written communication from the principal.

If a pupil should be reported for the third time, the riding privilege may be suspended for an indefinite period of time by the principal to insure the safety of all students.

All students are expected to be respectful of their bus drivers at all times and to listen and follow their instructions/directions. Students should report any concerns regarding their bus or bus driver to the bus duty teacher or homeroom teacher.

If an emergency arrives and your child will not be riding the bus on a particular day, notification to the school must be made in writing to the teacher. Without written notification, or emergency phone call to the school, the child will be placed on the school bus as per his/her usual mode of transportation.

Only those pupils authorized to ride a school bus may do so. No changes of assigned buses for birthday parties, play dates, etc. are permitted. If a change must be made, prior permission must be given by the Transportation Office. You must apply to them directly in advance for approval of any changes for any reason.

Should you have any concern, you may telephone the Transportation Office directly at 793-6130 ext. 4207.

Two (2) bus drills per year are required and are tentatively scheduled as follows:

  • 1st drill to be held during the first five days of the fall term
  • 2nd drill to be between November 1st and December 31st