Student & Parent Handbook

Campus Procedures

Cafeteria/Recess Rules

Lunch System

Students have the option to bring their lunch from home, or purchase lunch in school. The Lunch Pass Systems allows parents to set up an account for their children. A Pin Number is assigned to each student who is on this system. The activation of the PIN Number allows for lunch purchase without any exchange of money. Accounts must have an appropriate balance in order to access. Parents are to submit checks or cash to the cafeteria for account set-up.

  1. Children have the right to a leisurely and quiet lunch
  2. Children have the right to buy lunch if they wish without being pushed or shoved
  3. Children have the right to talk quietly to their friends if they do not disturb others
  1. Children have the responsibility to follow all cafeteria regulations
  2. Children are to obey the instructions of the teachers and aides and exercise courtesy toward them at all times
  3. Children should make every effort to bring the proper amount of lunch money. If they borrow money, it should be returned as soon as possible
  4. Each child should take care to clean up after her/himself
  5. Use of good table manners is expected and encouraged
Cafeteria Procedures
  1. Enter and exit the cafeteria in a quiet and orderly manner.
  2. Cold lunch students go to their assigned tables and be seated (wait for the aide to send you for drinks or snacks).
  3. Sit during lunch; raise hand if you need something; remain seated; no walking around; continue soft talking.
  4. When lunch is finished, clear table area. Wait for aide to send children, by table, to dump tray and leave cafeteria.
  5. At aides’ directions, dump tray; get on line; continue soft talking, exit cafeteria in a quiet and orderly fashion.
  1. Students have the right to enjoy their supervised recess time
  2. Forms of intentional violence or verbal abuse are not permitted
  3. Running in the playground area (around and through the equipment is not permitted.)
  4. Footballs, baseball bats and hard balls, scooters or any other unissued recess equipment are not permitted for safety purposes.