Student & Parent Handbook

Campus Procedures

Building Safety and Security Procedures

All parents, guardians, visitors, etc to the school MUST sign in – sign out at the main reception desk in the main hallway. NO ONE is to proceed past the office without signing in for any reason. All parents, guardians, visitors, etc will be issued a VISITOR’S PASS to wear while in the building.

Parents, guardians and visitors will ONLY be permitted to a classroom by appointment ONLY. They MUST have a scheduled appointment with the teacher or staff member. Teachers will be informing the front desk of all their expected visitors and guests in advance of any meeting, event, etc. Parents and visitors MUST use the main door to exit the building in order to sign out before leaving.

Parents who are dropping off forgotten items (such as eyeglasses, lunch, etc.), birthday items, or any other student item, are NOT permitted to deliver them to the classrooms. These items will be dropped off at the main front desk and students will be called to come and get them.

Teachers who have appointments with parents before or after main office hours will meet the parent at the main door and will escort them to the nearest exit upon completion of the meeting.

ALL DOORS to the buildings are locked at ALL TIMES. During recess, a monitor will be stationed inside the door to allow students in and out for use of bathroom, drinks of water, and visits to the nurse.

Parents and students are NOT permitted to return to the building after dismissal for forgotten books or assignments.

Please Note: The office closes at 3:30pm, so no one will be there to answer the door or telephone.

Emergency Drills

Each school year, we practice various safety drills and discuss with our students the reasons for and the importance of these type drills. Students, as well as staff, need to know what to do in case of an emergency situation, and with much practice comes familiarity with what to do and how to do it.

The following drills are practiced throughout the year:

  • Fire Drill – students and staff practice a quick and orderly evacuation from the building. A fire drill is a serious event and requires proper conduct. Students are not permitted to run or talk during a fire drill. The school will conduct twelve (12) fire drills throughout the year.
  • Bus Drill – students listen to safety procedures, and practice seatbelt safety, and safe evacuation from the bus.
  • Evacuation Drill – students and staff practice a quick and safe evacuation from the building, with a single point of entry return.
  • Lockdown Drill – A Lockdown occurs when the threat of danger (an armed intruder, etc.) is inside our building. A warning or announcement is made. Police department is notified as well as Central Office Administration. Teachers immediately lock their doors, checking first to see if any child is out in the hallway near their classroom t pull to safety. Teachers with classrooms closest to a hall bathroom are to check that area, if possible and only if safe to do so, to pull students to safety. In lockdown areas, teachers and students remain out of sight and as quiet as possible. Lockdown is over ONLY when the Police have deemed it safe. During a Lockdown, no one is to enter the building. Students at recess will be directed to leave the premises with the monitors to a safe place – Lake Isle.
  • Lockout Drill – A Lockout occurs when the threat of danger is outside the building or in the vicinity of the building. A warning or announcement is made. Local Police department either notifies the schools of any outside dangers, or the school notifies the department of any suspicious activity on the grounds. All doors remain locked and no one is allowed to leave or enter the building. Students who may be out at recess may enter the building ONLY if it is deemed safe. Otherwise, they will be moved to the designated safe place off property. Teachers and students go about their daily routine within the building, with windows shut and shades drawn. Lockout is over ONLY when deemed safe by the Police or district authorization from the Police. Outdoor recess is NOT allowed until threat is removed.

The Greenvale School has a designated primary (EHS Auditorium) and secondary (Lake Isle) evacuation site, just in case the primary site is unavailable. Both sites are within walking distance of the Greenvale School.

Emergency evacuation alerts will be messaged to parents using the emergency phone system and/or e-mail BLASTS. The alert will include the sire where students are safe-housed, and the procedure for picking up or busing students home, depending on the type of emergency.

Parking Lot

The Greenvale parking lot (Maple Street – at the entrance to the Primary Building) is solely reserved for staff parking. Visitor parking is located in one section of spaces in the front circle. There is 1 handicapped parking space and 4 visitor spaces, in the same section. Parking is prohibited in either the circular driveway or blacktop area during school hours. For event parking, the angled parking spaces on Rescigno Drive, opposite the field, will be available.

Release of Students from School

A student may not be released from school to anyone other than his/her parent/guardian. Any exception must be by written permission. This permission should state the name of the person to whom the student can be released.

Dental, optical and medical appointments during school hours are discouraged. If such an appointment can only be scheduled during school hours, a written note from the parent is necessary.

Building Facilities and Resources

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is located in the main building and houses 25 computers (including teacher station), 2 printers, and an interactive Smartboard set-up. Teachers may schedule time for their classes to come and use the lab on designated grade level days throughout the week. Here, whole classes may work on research projects, concept maps, and other projects. Training for staff is also provided in the computer lab.

Interactive Whiteboards (Smartboards) are also installed in all classrooms as a device to support and enhance instruction.

Lost and Found

All personal articles such as jackets, hats, backpacks, lunch bags, etc. should be labeled with the student’s name. If students leave these personal items in the cafeteria, gym, playground or other common area, they will be placed in the Lost and Found Closet inside the Main Entrance of the school building. All unclaimed items are subject to be sent to a Goodwill organization.