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Grade 2

Second Grade

We are thrilled to welcome the second graders to the Greenvale School.  We know that it is a big transition coming from Waverly but the students seem to be adjusting to the routines and expectations of second grade.  This year students will continue to sharpen reading and writing skills.  We will read rich literature and expand on our writing skills.  The students will explore math through different modalities and work on strengthening automaticity with their facts.  We are excited for the many Maker Space projects that we have planned.  Students will have the opportunity to be innovative while working as a team.  Some positive phrases that can be carried over at home are; “Instead of: I give up! Think: I’ll use a different strategy.”  Or, “Instead of: I’ll never be smart.  Think: I will learn how to do this!” 

        Our Science curriculum includes: Structures and Properties of Matter, Earth Systems, and the Interdependence of Ecosystems. In Social Studies we will explore three types of communities, citizenship and Map Skills. Some special events that Second Grade participates in include:  Theater Works, Dancing with the Honey Bees an author visit and Frank Soma the Entomologist.  As you can see we will be very busy!  We are excited for a great year!

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