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Cultural Arts

 Cultural Arts Program


The Cultural Arts Program is sponsored by the Greenvale PTA. It consists of a series of in-house programs designed to enrich the educational programs on each grade and/or to bring cultural events to the entire student body. Examples of offerings include the Poet-in-Residence, the Artist-in-Residence, the Franklin Institute Science Expos, TheaterWorks, Gymnasium Geography, Meet the Musician, the Study of Insects, the study of Native Americans, Author visits, and the annual Read Aloud.

The Cultural Arts Programs are designed to enhance and enrich the learning experiences of the students. The PTA, in collaboration with the principal and teachers, discuss and select programs that are appropriate for the different grade levels as they connect witht the courses of study throughout the year. Some of the programs in the different grade levels have included:


Grade 2: Theatreworks, Poet-in-Residence, and the Study of Insects

Grade 3: Mad Science, Pushcart Players Productions, Author Visit, and Native American/Colonial Fair

Grade 4:Poet-in Residence, Pushcart Players Production, Native American/Colonial Fair, and Reenactment of the Revolutionary War

Grade 5: Judicial Branch Visit, Pushcart Players Production, Broadway Theater Trip

  Whole School : Franklin Institute Traveling Science Show

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