Eastchester Schools will remain closed for the remainder of the school year to reduce the spread of #COVID19.


Ways to Keep Reading at Home for Free

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Ways to Keep Reading at Home for Free
by Natalie Malone - Thursday, April 2, 2020, 8:40 AM

From the Tuckahoe Public Library:

Although the  Tuckahoe Library building is currently closed, we have updated our website to make our current resources, as well as new links to virtual learning and experiences, more accessible to our users.  The latest newsletter is included below, including virtual programs and resources.  For specific content by age group, here are the direct links:

Children   https://www.tuckahoe.com/library/pages/virtual-library-kids

Teens    https://www.tuckahoe.com/library/pages/virtual-library-teens

Adults    https://www.tuckahoe.com/library/pages/adults

From the Eastchester Public Library:

With your Westchester county library card you can now go on line and read ebooks from Tumble Books. This is in addition to the public library’s already existing collection of ebooks.

Listen, Read & Watch – Westchester Library System

You can still get a library card:

Eastchester Public Library- https://eastchesterlibrary.org/Request Library Card –

 Tuckahoe Public Library — https://www.tuckahoe.com/library/webforms/apply-library-card 

Westchester Library Systemhttps://catalog.westchesterlibraries.org/eg/opac/register