2nd Grade

Characteristics of Nonfiction
Using an index

3rd Grade

Call numbers
Locating books in the library
Our online catalog

4th Grade

10 different ways to find a good book

Evaluating different types of websites with different domains

 5th Grade


Taking notes and rewriting to avoid plagiarism

Databases and hints for your Hot Spots

1. Try doing a search with your Hot Spot topic and .gov

2. Use our online databases--Access them from the h.s. website



If asked for a password, use:  look

Here are some useful databases which we looked at during class:

(and some we didn't  look at).

The page that lists the databases has descriptions of the types of info. that each includes.

Britannica School--an encyclopedia which will give you good background information. Use the middle school version.

Gale Powersearch---Look at the SEARCH BOX--Make sure that it says SUBJECT search.  You might want to change the SORT BY box to NEWEST.

Global Issues in Context--You may need help with this one.  It will have many of your topics, but could be too complex.

Infotrac Newsstand--Did not work on the day that I tried it.

Kids Info  Bits--

Opposing Viewpoints in Context--Be VERY CAREFUL using this resource.  It is meant for debaters and those who want potentially extreme views about a topic.

Science Flix--Can easily break down results into websites, articles and media.  TRY IT.

World Book Student or Advanced--another encyclopedia.

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